Director, Thomas Tredway Library


Augustana College seeks applications and nominations for the next Director of the Thomas Tredway Library.  This administrative position is responsible for leadership, planning, service delivery and day-to-day management of Augustana's Thomas Tredway Library.  With a staff of 13, the library is central to the academic initiatives of the college.  This position works collaboratively with both faculty and administrative leaders across campus to support the mission and vision of the college and to continue a nationally-recognized program of course-integrated information literacy instruction led by our librarians.

Augustana College
Rock Island, Illinois
Application Deadline: 
March 19, 2018
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Job Duties Include:

  1. Oversees all library and library related-operations, including budget oversight and management as well as facilities issues.  Works collaboratively with other departments housed within the Gerber Center for Student Life to ensure mutual success.
  2. Stays abreast of trends in the field to understand, anticipate and lead future library initiatives, advocating on campus and beyond as needed.
  3. Directly supervises 6 faculty librarians, head of circulation, and administrative assistant, providing robust and continual feedback, setting goals, and managing performance to ensure library and college goals are met.
  4. Promotes and implements the college's commitment to shared governance and promote strong teamwork and comeraderie among librarians and staff.
  5. Works closely with the Provost and Dean of the College to create short- and long-range decisions and planning.  Works with other members of the Provost's leadership team on initiatives and serves on college-wide teams, task-forces and committees as requested.
  6. Collaborates with teaching faculty across the campus to continually improve the ways in which the library supports the academic mission and the needs of our faculty and students.  
  7. Works to deepen existing connections between the library and offices across campus - including CORE, Admissions, Development, and others  to further support the mission and vision of the college.
  8. Works with the Special Collections librarian to use this resource as a "laboratory of the humanities," and advocates for the importance of research with original primary source documents as a learning opportunity for undergraduates.
  9. Maintains and strengthens collaborative efforts with consortia and other peer groups, notably the Oberlin Group and CARLI.
  10. Develops the library's proposed annual operating budget with input from appropriate personnel; monitors the budget throughout the fiscal year and makes adjustments as needed.
  11. Other duties as assigned 

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