The Oberlin Group is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization comprised of leading liberal arts colleges in the United States and led by a Board of Directors elected from its member library directors.

The group evolved from meetings of college presidents in 1985 and 1986 at Oberlin College; a brief history of the group summarizes the background and development of this organization.

The primary purpose for the Oberlin Group is to provide a forum for member directors and staff to discuss issues of common concern, to share accomplishments and information on best practices in library operations and services, and to help members anticipate and adapt to the challenges of college library administration and liberal arts education. The Oberlin Group focuses on library and scholarly publishing issues and related services that support our liberal arts missions.  Cooperative interlibrary lending agreements, consortia contracts with vendors, and support for open access initiatives are all areas of recent activities.

The annual meeting is usually held in the fall at one or more member institutions.  The Oberlin Group also maintains an annual collection of statistical data that is only shared with participating members.

There are currently 84 members of the Oberlin Group.  Their location can be found on the following Google map of member institutions.