CLAC - The Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges

The Oberlin Group and the Consortium of Liberal Arts College (CLAC) are parallel organizations that grew from the initial meetings of 50 college/university presidents, which were held to discuss the role that their institutions jointly play in educating the nation’s scientists.  The Oberlin Group brought together the institution’s library leaders, while CLAC brought together the leaders of their IT/computing organizations. 

Coming from these same discussions, CLAC and the Oberlin Group have since developed along slightly separate paths.  The two groups are organized very differently and take different approaches to their annual meetings.  While many institutions participate in both organizations, their list of members varies; each has added members at various times and a few institutions have dropped membership from one or the other over the decades. 

Ultimately, the two organizations have many common values, and various conversations and meetings have occurred about areas in which they find common interest or collaborative strength.