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Oberlin Group of Libraries stand with HBCU institutions against racially motivated acts


Oberlin Group of Libraries condemns all forms of racially motivated violence. Targeting and threatening historically Black colleges and universities as a means to silence requires us to speak out.  Acts focused on hate have no place in our society; as liberal arts college libraries, we focus on educating and sharing with others to avoid the fear and violence that stems from misinformation and acrimony.  (February 2022)

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Oberlin Group of Libraries is among those institutions listed as supporting the Position Statement on Interlibrary Loan by Libraries


Oberlin Group of Libraries is now listed with the institutions who show their support of Controlled Digital Lending by Libraries for Interlibrary Loan.

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Transition to new digital hosting partner


Oberlin Group of Libraries retained LIBChalk to host the organization's website and email lists.  The web site and various email lists are fully functional.  Please report any errors or problems to webmaster@oberlingroup.org.  (May 2020)

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ARL, ACRL, Oberlin Group of Libraries Urge Library Vendors to Continue Free Access


ARL, ACRL, and the Oberlin Group of Libraries urge library vendors to continue free access and to hold subscription prices steady during COVID-19 Pandemic (June 5, 2020)

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The Oberlin Group of Libraries condemns systemic racism and violence and affirms our commitment to continuous anti-racist work across our libraries and institutions


The Oberlin Group, a national consortium of libraries at liberal arts colleges, stands with people of conscience across the country as we condemn all violence against Black people and People of Color. When one human life is mistreated, we are all diminished. Recent incidents are indicative of deep and systemic patterns of racism and oppression. (June 3, 2020)

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