Managing our print collections during our digital transition

Carla Tracy's article, "On Mistakenly Shredding a Prized Collection", Chronicle of Higher Ed, July 25th, is another thoughtful reminder of how we need to carefully navigate the public relations waters on our campuses when we are reducing our print collections.  (August 10, 2011)

Carla's experience reminds me of another campus library that placed garbage bins in the front of the library during a summer break and a faculty member just happened across the staff actively discarding of the JSTOR sets and was extremely upset that the faculty hadn't been notified that the library was planning this activity.  Few of us aren't in the process of reducing our print collections, and Carla's article, in combination with Bob Kieft's article in Against the Grain, "A College Library, It's Print Monograph Collection, and the New Information Ecology", Nov. 2010, provides thoughtful reading for all of us engaged in the active weeding programs underway

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