Oberlin Group of Libraries stand with HBCU institutions against racially motivated acts

Oberlin Group of Libraries condemns all forms of racially motivated violence. Targeting and threatening historically Black colleges and universities as a means to silence requires us to speak out.  Acts focused on hate have no place in our society; as liberal arts college libraries, we focus on educating and sharing with others to avoid the fear and violence that stems from misinformation and acrimony.   

We stand with the communities at HBCU institutions and their right to have a safe campus environment, free from threats of hate-based violence. We express solidarity, particularly with our HBCU colleagues in the Oberlin Group of Libraries, and recognize the undue burdens they carry. We pledge to further our work on anti-racism in promoting values and practices that are inclusive and affirming.

Board of Directors, Oberlin Group of Libraries (February 2022)

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